Monday, May 3, 2010

1st of May Victory

On 1st of May Germans traditionally welcome the arrival of spring (and some celebrate Labour Day). Some Germans spend this day hiking with their family, most of them boozing, and some of them rampaging on the streets of Berlin and Hamburg. 1st of May definitely is a day for rather odd and rough behavior, and therefore the ideal day for a debating tournament of the PUNK series. The PUNK series was established in Germany to complement the successful, but costly ZEITDebatten series with a set of easy-to-organize, straightforward and cheap debating tournaments.

On Saturday, the Debating Society at the University of Magdeburg brought a brilliant PUNK tournament to us, with four rounds of debating, fatty sausages and a final on the motion “This House would present sexual paraphilias (e.g. SM) as equivalent to other forms of sexual behaviour in sex education”.

And what’s more: BDU’s Hauke and Juliane won the final and Farid made it to the top of the tab. Trophies and winners documented below.

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