Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Germany's next Topdebater

There is a recent proliferation of casting shows like America's Next Topmodel, X-Factor, Jamie's Kitchen, or Popstars. They all have in common that some jury is eying up the participants and sending home those that don't manage to meet some random and fuzzy set of criteria. Now that's a striking similarity to what's happening in debating, so it's high time for the first real debater casting show!

Sensing wealth and fame, BDU would like to place a copyright on the concept for such a show. Put together a bunch of people with huge egos and a desire to hear themselves talk. Set them up in a shared flat with unlimited subscription to the Economist and, ideally, lots of alcohol. Each week, let them compete in ridiculous contests like delivering speeches hanging head down from Tower Bridge or arguing to an elder auditorium that abolishing their pension is a good idea. And of course: let them debate. The jury decides who to send packing. The show then consists of bloopers, crushing arguments and bitch-fights among these people who always think they're right. The winner gets an honorary membership at BDU or a weekend with Obama, her choice. It will be awesome!


  1. Ah, facebook victim. Makes me wonder: maybe it would be fun to produce this as a trashy subversive youtube-show...

  2. late, but *like* *like* *like* =)