Thursday, February 23, 2012

Parallel Universe Exploration Cup

"Imagine a universe...."

Fellow debaters, it's coming !! Finally after over a year of (re)evaluating every mistake made, polishing motions, optimizing tools and tuning rules....we present to you, a sneak preview to the soon to be officially announced..."Parallel Universe Exploration Cup" !

...from the creative minds, that brought you the "Alternate timeline memorandum cup" .... incredible debating experience you shouldn't miss....

Key Features:
- no time, no place ? -> No Problem ! The first tournament that integrates into the weekly debating schedule !

- no friends, no skill, lone wolf or just socially awkward ? -> Enlist as Iron (Wo) Man !

- afraid of sucking motions ? -> Battle the CAs, as they debate themselves in this exclusive tournament and roflstomp them in your round !

- parle pas l'allemand ? -> Choose your language freely !

- love or hate the other teams ? -> punisher or praising herald, be the adjudicator !

- thinking outside the box ? -> in this tournament you and the motions will never be IN the box, in fact we would be surprised if you could find the box at all !

- tired of boring and predictable motions ? -> first tournament to feature non-linear motions !

- never understood the final judgment ? -> 100 % true open, diceless final adjudication, including improved coin flip correction system(TM) !

- little experience in debating ? -> newbie boost(TM) system and also -> "Debating as a newbie" break. !

- no return of investment ? -> awesome prices, even beyond first place, that will alter your future debating career !

- new innovative means of interaction and strategy: POI everyone, even your own teammate or other teams as a speaker; suppress the speaker for a short counterspeech; taunt your opponents and force them to POI you in your speech or pull your CA Joker for a secret and unique hint-sheet, customized to your motion and position....and much more

- first twelve teams to register receive the limited edition "How to prepare for a BP debate" Flowchart, designed as the quintessence out of the experience of hundreds of tournament debates, by the CAs themselves

"...if this tournament was a martial art would be full contact!"
"...definitely the first sequel since "Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders" that doesn't suck.."
"..the Justin Bieber among debating tournaments..."
"..clearly, the utilitarian calculus demands participation in this endeavor..."

Get the motion lottery runs...and start registering your team today.

See you all around SOON(TM).

Details for registration and participation:
The preliminary rounds are taking place on 15th and 22nd of March. Starting at 18:30 there will be 2 rounds on each day. Place will be the Orbis at the HU and you will then be guided to the respective venues.
If your team is registered with two people, it is enough if one of them shows up actually to iron (wo)man for your team in case of emergency. Iron (wo)man teams that did register as such, have to show up or will have to be replaced and receive no points for those rounds.

Use THIS form to register:

A detailed FAQ which specifies the rules and answers all your questions will be given out in the near future.

In good tradition we show you the first motion of the tournament beforehand. It contains a theatrical trailer, an info slide and the exact wording of the motion. We recommend to watch the trailer first.







Imagine a universe...where scientists have actually found that the human soul indeed leaves the body in the moment of death and they developed a technology to preserve it and contain it inside a robot. This robot, labeled SoulBot(TM), is able to maneuver around on wheels, can perceive its environment via optical and acoustical sensors and can express itself and its emotions with colored LEDs and an emotional noise generator, much like WALL-E in the well known movie.

Unfortunately science has found no way, to give the robot the ability to express itself via language. This seems to be originated in the special linking of the soul to the brain and language specific cortical areas and could not yet be reproduced. It is unclear and will never be known to man how the soul perceives its new existence but users have reported that the robot seems to reflect about 85 % of the original personality. This is attributed to the experience of death itself and is very much comparable to having an accident which might in some cases alter your personality.

MOTION: THW allow relatives to store their family member's soul in a SoulBot after their death, if those did not specifically sign a 'none extraction directive' beforehand.

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