Thursday, April 15, 2010

Berlin's wise judges

We would like to thank the unknown but truly solomonic judge of a Berlin court, who punished a defendant by a fine of 400 Euro to be paid to the Berlin Debating Union, according to this document. Unfortunately, we never received the sum. In a phone call with the Berlin Criminal Court, I was told that the defendant apparently appealed against the decision or preferred to spend some days in jail instead.

It's a shame. This defendant really missed a win-win-situation (we suppose he/she was charged with insult, hate speech or another wordy offence) . Still, it's nice to know that our charitable work for free speech and good arguments is appreciated in the Berlin courts.

1 comment:

  1. Canisius-Colleg got 2.500€. Don't tell me why. I doubt that the institution is always connected to the crime, as that would mean almost 10k worth of crimes against Tibet in Berlin. But there must be a way to do PR to get more.