Sunday, April 11, 2010

Internal Challenge - second and third round

On Friday afternoon the four teams met again for the second and third round of the challenge.

The motion of the second round was: "THW force people to care for sick and old family members!"
The winner of this round were Matthias&Niels (CG), second came Kai&Julian (CO), third came John&Nikolai (OO) and fourth came Georg&Johannes (OG).
After this second round Matthias&Niels and Kai&Julian (having the same positions as in the first round) were through and had won the challenge. The third round still had to take place since the race between John&Nikolai and Georg&Johannes was still open.

The motion for the third round was: "THW ban photos in CVs and job applications!"
The winner of this round were Georg&Johannes (CG), second came John&Nikolai (OG), third came Matthias&Niels (CO) and fourth came Kai&Julian (OO). The challenge between Georg&Johannes and John&Nikolai was thus won by Georg&Johannes.

The new positioning on the internal list is now this:

Filip&Dessi: 112
Matthias&Niels: 89
Kai&Julian: 74
Bastian&Juliane: 70
Georg&Johannes: 67
John&Nikolai: 5

But the battles continue! Georg&Johannes challenged Filip&Dessi and Bastian&Juliane challenged Kai&Julian. This new challenge round will take place on Tuesday: 6pm - open end.

One of the participants of the first challenge round said: "Actually it doesn't matter whether we win or lose and get to go to the NO-Regio. If we get to go, then we will have had a wonderful prep time and if we don't then we will have had some wonderful general practice!"
Sounds like the new system created a win-win-situation for everybody!! Good job Sportlicher Leiter;-)

Until Tuesday: Good Night and Good Fight!


  1. John and Nikolay came second, M&N third in the last round!