Friday, March 19, 2010

BDU Officially a Target to "Hit On"

"How are you doin'?"

Although it did not happen in the absolutely-obvious Joey style it was crystal clear: the Berlin Debating Union was being hit on. We always knew it or at least made ourselves to believe it very convincingly that we're a very sexy club - but now we know for sure!
But do we like it?

Last Tuesday at exactly 8pm four young men entered room 293, Invalidenstra├če 110. They were successfully convinced to debate. Somehow it was very obvious that they were hitting on some of the female debaters. Somehow the thought came to mind they might, maybe, possibly be part of the Berlin Pick-Up Community. What sin could the BDU have possibly comitted to be blessed with their presence? How did we come to be one of their numerous guinea-pigs? And where was our big brother to protect our "Ehre"?
They said they were studying public speech, wanting to learn "wie man Leute begeistert mit reden." bla bla bla

One of their hitting-on-victims felt like an object afterwards. "Hm", she thought "so maybe they were trying their different hitting techniques on me? I felt flattered first. But now that I'm pretty much sure that they were testing on me, I feel like an object. Bastards!!"

Fazit? The concept and the techniques of those guys don't work on well-informed, thinking, debating girls?

They said they will maybe come back... We dare them to debate the following topic with us: THW ban pick-up communities!


  1. Debating is the big brother who protects your "Ehre" by allowing you to read between the's the "shield" against the evils of demagogues...

  2. But what you are writing is very accusing, we can't be that sure about their intentions and their origins. We have to bring in our most favourite investigative journalist, he might verify your thesis...

  3. Post made me smile. Were they that obvious hitting on the girls ? Maybe i'm just to much mentally occupied with the debating stuff to really notice or care. However if i was one of the girls and hit on, i would take it as a compliment.
    I don't know if these guys are into the evil hypnotic techniques of Pick-Up and i frankly don't care. I claim that whoever is sucked into debating for a longer time will inevitably use his aquired skills to influence and manipulate people around him with his words. We all do and we might become better at it by debating. If that skillset is used to make money with rhetoric seminars, to convice your boss, your mother or some random girl in a club, what is the difference ?

    The fazit and the end of that post do sound upset and somewhat insecure. Why are we upset ? Do we secretly fear, that they might succeed somehow, somewhere with what they might learn ? Who are we to judge their intentions, to claim to be able to see through their motives ? And if we are smart and good enough to see through their intentions and doings, we should just smile calmly and let them be, because then they do absouletey pose no thread to us, do they ?

  4. Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I don't understand a word of any of this?

    In all, it sounds like just another in the long list of reasons not to debate in German.

  5. IOREK indicates that a group from this community entered debating last week