Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Internal Challenge !Update!

The Berlin Debating Union, one of Germany's finest debating societies, has established a rather complex internal ranking system to measure the competitiveness of its teams. Teams hoping to participate at the 'Norddeutsche Meisterschaften', the major regional competition, have to collect points during the term or during a period in which they can directly challenge other BDU teams. Currently, I know of the following applicants and their points (team points):
  • Dessi and Filip - 112
  • Matthias and Niels - 70
  • Bastian and Juliane - 70
  • Johannes and Georg - 64
  • Kai and Julian - 63
  • John and Nikolay - 38
  • Annette and Ricarda - 10
If I forgot someone, please leave a comment!
It's likely that we will only get two spots, so it will be a tough race...


  1. A bit surprised that the privacy fanatics have not yet written demanding the removal of this post for fear that future employers, rival debating unions, the BND, FSB, CIA, etc. will be able to see how many (or likely how few) BDU points they have.

    What do we think about codenames?

    Sara, Günter, Maria, Hans, Susi, Falk, Klaus, Jürgen, Gerlinde or Horst anyone?

  2. Finally, now I know who Bruno is. Always using the same codenames is revealing!

    As long as no one complains, I think the public ranking is a nice feature to show the world how clever we are, having such a professional ranking system and so many abitious debaters.

    Or was your post an indirect complaint? Then of course I will immediately switch to the codenames...

  3. But it would be great if you could check the points...

  4. I think Brian is assuming that only one person (the author) actually read the painstakingly composed explanation of our indeed rather complex ranking system...

    While this is a pretty solid assumption, there are probably at least a few people who, like myself, scrolled through and had a laugh at the ineptitude of Horst and Gerlinde before forwarding it to Trash.

    Guess again, Brian.

  5. Rather interesting...I will analyse the rest of your comments and will have a clue very soon...

  6. Got you, my American friend...

  7. I still havn't heard any challenges until now...a bit boring...